Benefits Cpd Construction Industry

Benefits of CPD in the construction industry

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Benefits of CPD in the construction industry

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​The construction landscape is constantly evolving, progressing, and expanding. With the accelerating changes in technology and regulations, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has become an essential aspect of a construction professional’s career.

Why does CPD matter? CPD enables professionals to adapt to new work situations quicker - and gain new skills required to thrive in a virtual environment. Without regular and ongoing life-learning courses, workers run the risk of falling behind. They also run the risk of impacting the future success of businesses too! For employers and professionals alike, embracing industry training produces a more diverse workforce - ultimately driving the industry forward and providing a solution to the current skills shortage.


What is CPD?

CPD refers to the learning activities undertaken by professionals to expand their skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to stay ahead of the curve. In many industries, including building and construction, CPD is compulsory in certain states, such as NSW and Tasmania.

Professionals can voluntarily seek and participate in professional development activities. However, mandatory industry CPD ensures individuals and the industry as a whole continue to operate with the latest knowledge and standards. For example, NSW Fair Trading requires every licensed builder to earn 12 CPD Points in each 12 month period. As part of the construction industry, architects, engineers, and other design professionals are also required to undergo a designated amount of CPD each year.

Under CPD, there are many different learning formats options with accredited providers including:
● online webinars
● in-person training
● conferences
● one-to-one workshops

Benefits of CPD for construction workers

With the construction industry increasingly committing to maintaining and expanding the skills and knowledge of their workers, CPD ensures the professional standard of qualifications and registration remains intact. For construction workers and professionals, proactively improving your understanding of the industry through CPD offers a wide variety of benefits:

1. Extends opportunities - CPD can be beneficial for your career progression and advancement. It helps you achieve any short or long term goals, as well as provide opportunities to secure a future promotion. The extra credentials can also lead to a higher salary or improved job prospects.

2. Enhances skill sets - Maintaining and broadening your skill set is crucial to staying relevant in construction. Engaging in CPD safeguards academic and practical qualifications is important to ensure your knowledge and skills don’t become obsolete or out-dated.

3. Gain access to industry experts - CPD can provide a path to connecting you to people in construction who have exceptional expertise. These people can share valuable industry insights, keeping you updated on new developments or regulatory changes.

4. Boosts confidence and illustrates dedication - Focusing on CPD will improve confidence as it increases your credibility and overall capability, providing you with an edge over other workers. When you take the time to invest in further education, it shows you value self-improvement and growth.

Benefits of CPD to construction organisations

If you’re an organisation in the construction sector, harnessing CPD training will enable you to retain key staff and elevate the skills necessary to maintain a competitive advantage. Standards across your company will be high and it helps boost staff morale and promote great work productivity - both off and on-site.

CPD training will provide a development pathway for your employees and deliver many benefits for the business, including:
● helping employers meet their business objectives
● maintaining high standards
● increasing staff productivity and engagement
● fostering an environment of support and development
● providing useful benchmarks for annual reviews

And CPD can increase your customer’s confidence too. By proactively providing your workers opportunities to learn, you’re painting your organisation as a true industry leader.

In summary

Undoubtedly, CPD in the construction industry is essential. It’s one of the key mechanisms where high standards of professional practice, relevance, and currency of qualifications and experience are maintained. It not only offers clear benefits to workers. It also allows organisations to position themselves as leaders in their field.

Providing CPD-accredited learning highlights a company’s commitment to innovation, communicating changes in regulations, while upskilling its current workforce. Organisations can future-proof their business through investing in their core assets - their employees. This will result in a more driven workforce, and an ability to retain staff for the long term.

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