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Trends in architecture and interior design

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Trends in architecture and interior design

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CGC Recruitment offers a specialist recruitment service for architects, interior designers, landscape architects and urban designers, sourcing contract and permanent placements across NSW and the rest of Australia. 

Our focus is in talent acquisition, business development and account management, predominantly in the national design sector, where we work with architectural studios, design consultancies, construction companies and developers. Our experienced team also recruit professionals within the urban development, residential, commercial, hospitality, and infrastructure spaces.

We have the ability to service our client’s requirements quickly and effectively, connecting job seekers and employers across all project types. 

Read our blog below to find out more about our unique insights for architecture and interior design.  


Strong demand for architects in Australia

According to the government’s Job Outlook initiative, professional architects are in high demand in Australia, with employment predicted to have very strong future growth over the next few years.  

Beyond having a keen eye for beautiful design, a career in architecture requires our candidates to possess environmental awareness and great communication skills.  Described as the centre of Australia’s build environment industry, architects can be involved with every stage of a building project including:

  • conception of the project:

    where a design brief is created.

  • design phase:

    sketches and models are provided to develop concept design drawings.

  • design development:

    technical details are finalised and drawings are lodged to obtain building approval.

  • construction:the architect works closely with the builder to ensure the project adheres to the drawings and specifications.

  • post construction:

    the architect follows up any issues or outstanding work with the client and the builder for the project’s warranty period.

Our candidates have extensive career opportunities in:

  • government

  • commercial

  • urban planning

  • interior design

What are the emerging trends in architecture?

The new legislation on class 2 buildings has boosted the residential sector significantly.  The compliance declaration scheme was launched in July 2021 and introduced changes to the residential building industry to ensure that apartments being built are trustworthy. 

Architects now need to submit designs before building works can start - and declare for compliance with the Building Code of Australia. This has increased the demand for Registered architects who hold the Class 2 Buildings accreditation.  These recent changes have impacted architectural studios through the increased demand for developers looking to develop those teams, as well as bringing in candidates with accreditation. 

Other sectors that are on the rise include:

  • defence

  • aviation

  • education

  • health

 Hiring trends for architects

A career in architecture is a wise choice for job seekers. It pays well and you have the opportunity to make a lasting contribution. If you’re interested in a fast-paced and dynamic industry, there are professional skills necessary to stand out from the crowd.  

Firstly, to be a strong candidate you need to be a good all rounder (with the ability to deliver projects from start to finish ensuring high quality, innovative and functional design).  

In addition, candidates should be:

  • knowledgeable in the building project process:You should understand the concept design, tendering, as well as the delivery stage, ensuring that all works are carried out to specific standards, building codes, guidelines, and regulations.

  • proficient in design and documentation:Detailing and documentation of packages, using BIM software such as Revit and ArchiCAD.

Currently, ourSenior Consultant for Architecture and Interior Design, Christina Ryan, has a number of clients looking for architects for the delivery stage. An understanding of construction is crucial for these roles.  

Key accountabilities include site visits to check on project status and report on projects to ensure drawings are buildable. 

What a career in interior design looks like

Interior designers are in demand throughout Australia, particularly in urban and residential areas such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Our clients tend to look for mid-level interior designers, which are candidates who have been in the industry for 5 to 7 years.

Key, high-in-demand skills for interior designers are similar to those required for architects. Familiarity and experience across the building process is imperative, primarily during the following stages:

  • meeting the client

  • obtaining the design brief

  • documentation

  • delivery of the project

What type of interior design sector opportunities are there?

In a post-pandemic world, we’ve witnessed the future of design evolve, predominantly in the hospitality and workplace sector. Designs for these spaces are being developed with a new awareness for personal safety, wellbeing, and sanitation.

As people spend more time working from home - and only visiting their office spaces for group meetings and networking events - there is now a shift from desk seating to informal break out and meeting areas and social hubs.  As a result, interior designers are incorporating modular seating solutions and brighter colour palettes to inspire and invite create conversations.

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