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There are more hidden recruitment costs than first meets the eye! And a significant investment is made in new team members without any guarantee of a return on that investment (ROI).

As such, hiring managers and recruitment professionals need to understand these costs to give their organisations the best opportunity to secure a long-term ROI on new employees. Calculate the true cost of your next hire using this tool.


*Assumptions: Statutory on-costs calculated at 16% of base salary | Occupancy and Admin costs calculated at 28% of base salary | Training based on 5 hours per week of manager support | Recruitment Fee based on 16% TRP | This figure does not include other intangibles such as missed opportunity costs, culture impact, client impact and project impacts if a new employee does not work out.

Additional information to accurately calculate recruitment costs

Mitigating risk is an important factor and comes from having solid HR and Recruitment processes. Considerations include:

  • How are you attracting the right talent to your business?

  • Do you have a talent acquisition strategy that attracts the best passive and active candidates?

  • Are you working with an external recruiter who truly understands your values, culture and strategic objectives?

  • Do you have a recruitment process that covers skills suitability, culture fit and value alignment?

  • Do you have an onboarding process and formal management plan which covers the first 6 months of employment?

Some practical tips to factor in: 

  • Ensure that you are aligned with an external partner who can attract the best talent to your business.

  • Review your interview process, involve multiple stakeholders within the business.

  • Consider testing and benchmarking against high performers within the team.

  • Set expectations early when interviewing and onboarding new employees.

  • Conduct regular meetings to ensure there is a mutual fit during the probation period.

  • Challenge new employees with work that tests their capabilities.

  • Support new employees with mentoring and training.

Partner with a recruitment agent who can access suitably qualified candidates in the market.

Of course, the best way to avoid unnecessary costs and mitigate recruitment/hiring risks, is with solid systems and procedures across the hiring process. With a few cost-effective strategies in place, you can save your business time and money and still recruit top talent.

To find out how working with CGC can help you attract better candidates, recruit and retain them, and help manage cost, talk to one of our experienced consultants.