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Case Study Aniket Engineer

Case Study - Aniket - ENGINEER

Engineering is a broad and exciting field with a diverse range of career paths following graduation.Traditionally engineers worked across five broad disciplines – chemical, civil, electrical, mecha...

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New Year New Job How To Stand Out From The Crowd

New year, new job - How to stand out from the crowd

​The new year is approaching - bringing in new possibilities and perhaps a new beginning! Right now, you might be considering a change in the workplace, career, or industry. While the infrastructur...

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Should Search Jobs During Holidays

Should I search for a job during the holidays?

Are you holding off your job search, with the belief that no one hires during the summer break?  While it’s true that the holidays provide a time to refresh, recharge, and enjoy the festivities - i...

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Future Work Trends Shaping The Workplace

Future of work: trends shaping the workplace

​Research has found three-quarters of organisations expect 30% of their employees to work remotely, with more than a quarter expecting over 70% of staff to work remotely in the future. The future o...

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Unemployment And Recruitment Trends For 2023

Unemployment and recruitment trends for 2023

​Earlier this year, the Australian unemployment rate plummeted to its lowest level of 3.4% in 48 years, reflecting an increasingly tight labour market, including high job vacancies, and ongoing lab...

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Pexels Anamul Rezwan 1216589

Ask the Recruiter: Careers in Construction - What your next job looks like

People in the construction industry are on the move! Twelve months ago, as the impact of COVID and restrictions on the industry were still largely unknown, many candidates were reluctant to change ...

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Cgc In Focus Infrastructure Industry Report

Recruiter Insights: How Construction Companies are Dealing with Recruitment Challenges

The construction division of CGC Recruitment consists of a team of specialist and experienced consultants who service our clients’ needs.  With years of experience behind us, we understand the pres...

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How to Identify your Top Performers

Can you easily identify your top performing talent?  Hint: It mightn’t be as straightforward as reviewing best job performance ratings.  If you’re looking for staff to promote, ...

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Get Best Job With Career Plan

Top retention strategies to keep your staff engaged

Employee turnover can have a huge negative impact on any industry, but the effects are even more damaging for the highly specialised construction, engineering, and infrastructure market. These indu...

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Engaging Candidates During The Recruitment Process

Engaging candidates during the recruitment process

It can be difficult to keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process. When initially contacted by a recruiter, prospective employees are understandably excited. All too often, however,...

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