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Interview Success Strategies: Advice from Recruitment Professionals

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Interview Success Strategies: Advice from Recruitment Professionals

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Navigating interviews, especially first interviews, can often be the most daunting aspect of the recruitment process. To secure a job we really want, we only have a few opportunities to showcase our best selves, negotiate effectively, and ensure the job and the company culture aligns with our career goals.

So, how can you go from struggling in interviews to becoming the preferred candidate every time? We've talked to our experienced recruitment consultants and collated their top tips and insights, which we'll share in this article.

Preparation is key. It should start from the moment a job catches your eye and is pivotal. Research the company thoroughly: Does the job align with your goals? What's the company culture like? Do you have any connections there? What recent projects are they involved in, etc.? Understanding these aspects not only helps you determine if it's the right fit but also demonstrates genuine interest.

Your appearance really does matter. dress appropriately  — don’t show up in jeans if the company's dress code is formal. When in doubt, consult the recruiter for guidance.

Stay informed about current events. Be aware of any relevant news on the day of your interview, as it can provide conversation topics and showcase your interest in the company. What’s the news/industry news of the day? Is there something that impacts the employer? Have they posted about something? 

Prepare some questions in advance, as well as noting any during the interview. Having a set of thoughtful questions demonstrates your interest and eagerness to learn more about the organisation and the role. It’s also your opportunity to fill any knowledge gaps you might, that will ultimately help you make a decision on taking the role.

Punctuality is crucial, so arrive at least 15 minutes early, as it shows respect for the interviewer's time, reflects your professionalism and gives you time to compose yourself.. Don’t run late, but if the unexpected happens, call the interviewer as they may need to reschedule. 

During the interview, greet the interviewer(s) warmly and maintain positive non-verbal communication (eye contact, sit up straight etc.). Be concise and clear in your responses, avoiding unnecessary waffle. Ensure you understand each question and respond comprehensively but succinctly.

Try not to get nervous, which is hard.  It's natural but with experience, it diminishes over time, so practise if you need to.  Be authentic and follow the interviewer's lead.

After the interview, ask about any next steps, express gratitude for the opportunity, and reiterate your interest in the position. Follow up with a thank-you note for the interview and reaffirm your interest if applicable.

At CGC, we encourage candidates to embrace their true selves and showcase their personalities. Tell your story authentically, establish genuine connections, and you'll ace that interview.

Partnering with the right recruiter can significantly help candidates throughout their recruitment journey. At CGC, we're committed to supporting and partnering with both clients and candidates, ensuring a positive recruitment experience for all parties involved. Our team of recruitment experts is here to provide insider tips and guidance to help you excel in your interviews with confidence.

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