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Diversity in the Construction, Engineering, and Architecture Sectors

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Diversity in the Construction, Engineering, and Architecture Sectors

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The construction, engineering, and architecture sectors have historically had challenges attracting and recruiting a diverse mix of candidates. While some companies are making significant strides, there remains room for improvement in attracting and retaining diverse talent. At CGC Recruitment, we acknowledge the significance of fostering diversity within our industry and are committed to making a meaningful impact.

Over the years, we have extensively addressed this issue, sponsoring diversity and inclusion bodies and events while consistently advocating for diversity in various projects and initiatives. Our commitment extends beyond recruitment, as we actively collaborate with training bodies to encourage a more diverse student demographic. This will ultimately help to address some of the skills shortages our sectors face.

Globally and in Australia, the industry has recognised the productivity benefits of creating a more inclusive workplace that embraces diversity in gender, culture, and age. In partnering with both large and small clients, we have identified key trends that assist them in enhancing their recruitment and retention strategies.

Advantages of Diverse Practices

Diversity Australia suggests that with less than 20% of women are employed in Australia’s construction and engineering sectors, and CGC Recruitment has spearheaded a proactive focus on diversity in these sectors. Diverse teams have consistently demonstrated improved performance, enhanced creativity, and increased innovation by incorporating different perspectives. Research suggests that diverse teams contribute to better outcomes, translating into a positive impact on profitability. Embracing diverse thinking provides multiple approaches to challenges, fostering a more effective and prosperous industry.

Creating a Diverse Culture and Recruitment Practices

For businesses seeking to cultivate a more diverse culture and recruitment practices, partnering with a recruiter like CGC, which champions diversity, can be instrumental. Our approach includes:

- Understanding diversity and inclusion needs in a business to attract the best candidates.

- Committing to supporting workplace culture that fosters diversity and inclusion.

- Introducing ideas that lead to inclusive recruitment.

- Building diverse talent pipelines.

Working with CGC Recruitment

If you are expanding your team or seeking your next role and require professional advice, CGC Recruitment is here to help. As a specialist consultancy with national coverage and offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, we specialise in fulfilling roles across the construction, infrastructure, engineering, and architecture sectors at all levels. As a leading industry recruiter, we consistently offer opportunities for ambitious and professional individuals.

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