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How to fill the gender gap in the construction industry

​The construction industry is one of the largest top job-generating industries in our country. And it’s also the second most male dominated (behind mining). According to the Workplace Gender Equali...

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How to retain engineers in the profession

​Australia’s engineering skills shortage is not a new problem. In fact, the systemic shortage of engineers has been brewing for decades. The factors compounding this issue are multifaceted and exac...

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Case Study - Architecture and Interior Design

Overall, the architecture and interior design market remain very strong, despite the ‘collective COVID hangover’. ​Our clients are confident in the workflow and project pipelines, with the governme...

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Case Study - Rail systems

The rail sector is vital to Australian business, carrying people and commodities on over 33,000km of track across the country. The sector has an estimated annual revenue of $22.79 billion, adding $...

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Cybersecurity in the construction industry

According to a recent report, the construction industry is now the third-highest sector impacted by data security incidents.​Unlike the government, financial, and healthcare sectors where financial...

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