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Unemployment And Recruitment Trends For 2023

Unemployment and recruitment trends for 2023

​Earlier this year, the Australian unemployment rate plummeted to its lowest level of 3.4% in 48 years, reflecting an increasingly tight labour market, including high job vacancies, and ongoing lab...

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Future Work Flexibility Challenge Construction

The future of work is flexibility - a challenge for construction

​The COVID pandemic marks the line in the sand that changed everything in terms of people’s workplace expectations. And the shift seems to be permanent. This means that in a post-COVID world, workp...

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Future Of Work Economics Is The Construction Industry Trouble

Future of Work: Economics (Building resilience in the construction industry)

Undoubtedly, Australia’s current economic conditions, like rising inflation, labour and supply shortages, and extreme weather conditions are presenting challenges for the construction sector.​Altho...

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Future Work Artificial Intelligence Automation

Future of Work: Artificial Intelligence and Automation

​How AI and automation is shaping the future of the infrastructure industryAccording to International Data Corporation (IDC), Australia's spend on AI systems will grow to $3.6 billion in 2025. The ...

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