How To Attract Retain Top Talent Architecture Interior Design

How to attract and retain top talent in architecture and interior design

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How to attract and retain top talent in architecture and interior design

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In the competitive architecture and interior design sector, attracting top talent can be difficult. With the‘great resignation’ spreading like a plague, careful planning and a deep understanding of what candidates want is crucial for recruitment success. And furthermore, you need to choose a specialist and experienced recruitment agency to increase the chances of securing talent.

This article discusses the main areas to focus on to prepare for a better future - not only to bring in top tier talent, but also retain the best the industry has to offer. 


Clear progression plans are a priority for candidates

Traditionally, architectural studios were focused on documentation packages. In today’s world, it’s no longer sustainable - and many graduates aren’t keen on having only documentation experience when they complete their studies.

Our Senior Consultant for Architecture and Interior Design, Christina Ryan,says “Nowadays, architects are interested in the concept design, development, as well as the construction stage. Companies need to focus on providing their employees with a 360 skill base as well as a clear progression plan.”

So what does a greatprogression planlook like?  

A rewarding career path combines the opportunity for the employee to have more responsibility in decision making, while highlighting their skills set - whether it be analytical, creative, or technical.  

As an employer, you can provide guidance and offer career development opportunities to help them reach their ultimate goals. Here are some best practices when creating a progression plan:

  • Take a collaborative approachand undertake an honest assessment of the areas they feel they excel in, areas they struggle in, and what makes them motivated and engaged in their role

  • Map out career goalsand ask thoughtful questions about where they see themselves in a few years

  • Set realistic timelinesto boost your employees’ productivity and accountability

What type of work are architects and interior designers interested in?

Right now, many candidates are looking for multi disciplinary studios and are interested in working for a variety of sectors in order to widen their experience. 

Candidates are looking for companies who can offer opportunities in:

  • defense

  • aviation

  • residential

  • health

  • education

Due to the current labour shortage of skilled professionals, it’s important for our clients to broaden their mindset. This includes understanding that while some candidates don’t have the exact skills for the role, their current skills may be transferable across different sectors. Offering training or upskilling is also valuable in closing any skills gaps.  

Tips on how to make decisions during the interview process 

In the past, the interview process consisted of the first interview, second interview, then a meet and greet. In this competitive landscape, our clients are now reacting quickly to applications and are comfortable with just one remote interview, often offering the job shortly after.

While it’s great that our clients are making decisions in a prompt manner, candidates need time to process the interview. It’s also important to allow enough time to talk about the work culture, opportunities for flexible working arrangements, etc.  

Christina Ryan suggests, “Ideally, try to meet candidates face to face in the office.  This allows the candidate to get a feel of the workplace culture and gain a deeper understanding of the employer.”  A face to face interview also provides the client a chance to obtain more in-depth data, as well as allowing them to capture personal interaction.  

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