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The importance of an effective career plan

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The importance of an effective career plan

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Regardless of whether you’re a manager, business leader, or looking to improve your career outcomes - it shouldn’t come as a shock that having a career plan in place is essential.

For leaders and people managers, plans with help get the best out of your staff and improve the success rates of departments and the organisation as a whole, and keep high-performing teams/people on track. And for individuals, a plan helps you focus on what you need to do to achieve agreed goals and track how you are performing.

The importance of an effective career plan – download our template

The benefits of a career plan template 

It is critical to be able to demonstrate that there is a clear strategy and vision for career planning. If you don’t currently have a plan in place, simply click here to get started by download our career planning template:


People just feel more engaged when they are given the opportunity to discuss and map their planning goals. Making goals part of a shared vision for a team will ensure that everyone understands and is committed to common, mutually beneficial goals.


People stay with a business for longer when there is a clear strategy, plan, and openly communicated process in place. There is more clarity around roles, progression timelines, and expectations on both sides. There is also often an opportunity for upward mobility or development which can help upskill individual team members, teams, and organisations.


Companies that are active in career planning efforts will attract a wider range of applicants with differing skillsets, which provides greater diversity and resilience to the overall workforce. This creates strong and high-performing teams which impacts everyone positively.

How to draw up an effective career plan within your organisation

It starts with an overall strategy for a business, which the senior leadership team needs to decide and set, to determine the short-, medium- and long-term vision for the organisation. This drives everything from revenue targets to the type of people that are needed to shape and deliver this vision.

Once there are agreed priorities in place, it's time to identify what’s required for each position, and for individuals to consider what they want to achieve by writing a plan – but it can be hard to know where to start. What is missing, quite often, are bite-sized instructions of how to write that plan and what it should look like.

So, if you’re looking to get the most out of your teams or career, we’d suggest you start planning right away. Simply click here to get started:

Helping your teams succeed with career plans

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