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Welcome to the April edition of the CGC newsletter.

Quarter four is off to a flying start already with the market really picking up post-election and the Easter break, ensuring exciting times ahead at CGC HQ.

In this month’s newsletter we will hear from our latest recruit Nic Maplestone on how the Architecture/Design industry is shaping up for 2015. James Grantham will keep us up to date on all things social in what was a busy month.

Nic Maplestone, Consultant, Architecture/Design:

The Architectural & Design markets are both very buoyant within Sydney at present. Due to the large quantity of high rise commercial buildings and residential apartments under construction within Sydney, the market is very active and according to various clients will only continue to increase during 2015.

Currently within the Architecture space in Sydney, various companies are strongly pushing the use of Revit software internally, which has created a high demand for skilled Revit Architects at all levels from Graduates to Senior / Project Leads.

Within the Design space, there is a significant demand at present for Mid-Level Interior Designers with strong high end commercial office fit out experience, clearly linked to the above mentioned quantity of commercial buildings being built.

Nic Maplestone

If you are experienced in Architecture or Design, or for further information on upcoming projects and opportunities please contact me on ph 0427 933 873 or

And now for all things CGC Social:

As a reward for the hard work of all the staff at CGC HQ, the office recently enjoyed a day out at Eastern Creek Go Karting track. The excitement started to build within the team at the start of the week with Dave Thompson becoming the bookie for the race. With no previous form to refer to, the basis of people’s bets was purely based on who talked the best game!

As the week went on people started to backtrack and self-confidence dwindled, we witnessed plenty of movement in the market. Billy was the early favourite to take the title (3/1) and remained favourite on race day. There was talk of Rory and Jim G having a preferable weight advantage, Nick’s multiple visits to Eastern Creek previously being an advantage and whether Nic M was actually old enough to drive made him the least favourite.

Race day started with a bacon sandwich, cup of coffee and assessing the conditions track side. With a full 3 ½ hours’ worth of racing ahead of the drivers, there was plenty of time to get used to the karts whilst perfecting the ultimate racing line.

The format was as follows; 4 sets of heats to determine your position on the grid for a final, winner takes all, race. The pre-race sight of all at CGC eyeballing one other and preparing to run the other off the track in the pursuit of victory was somewhat alarming.

Highlights included; James Loomes’ helmet selection being based on what would least impact his finely sculpted hair, the wonderful sight of Dave H in disposable hairnet and gloves resembling someone behind the deli at Coles and Glynis (The Stig) in full race overalls making her easily recognisable when she flew past you down the straight.

GoKart Winners Podium

The ability and behaviour of the drivers during the heats soon determined who was going to feature on the podium. Where there was a pile up and ball of dust off the track Dan Kundi appeared, Azri took his time to get used to the kart and would often brake for no reason causing multiple shunting and Dave T wouldn’t use the break at all and at one point was spotted shoulder barging whilst dishing out verbals to those in his way. Steve pulled out mid event citing a migraine (please note he was out the night before until 2am!).

Final result was as follows; Billy Versey romped it. Perfection personified. He was untouchable all day. Dave T finished second on the podium (however got arrested afterwards for go kart rage against James L). Smug Jim G annoyed everyone else with a podium appearance and a respectable third (Yes, he beat Nick Curtis).    

After a tongue in cheek stretched hummer experience from go karting back to the city, the discussion around the lunch table at 4Fourteen that afternoon was about how each one of us was cheated at some point on the track that morning. After an excellent lunch we then moved onto even more competition over the pool table in Surry Hills. Dan and Dave T looked comfortable with the cue whilst Rory took up the role of bookie.

Thanks to Glynis for organising a cracking day enjoyed by all. Very measured in her choice of restaurant no matter how erratic on the go karting track!

 4Fourteen lunch
The champagne was out again for a different reason this month. Steve Morris turned 2 in CGC years. Congratulations Steve, save some bubbly for everyone else please!!