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CGC Plus.

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At CGC we’ve been working with several clients who needed something more than the standard recruitment service. But, not the full Executive Search process and the costs/time traditionally associated with that. CGC’s Senior Search Service, CGC Plus, was born. 

CGC Plus is the distinct, senior managers and leadership placement service designed to answer just this need. We’ve taken key aspects, learned from the various recruitment methodologies and tools, to offer a hybrid solution. One that’s designed to help our clients fill those difficult to place roles even more efficiently.

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Key Benefits of CGC Plus 

  • A more rigorous and tailored service specific to the requirement – we build an understanding of the brief based on culture fit, organisational values, role requirements and strategic objectives.
  • We undertake a market assessment based on the above brief utilising our existing networks, candidate sourcing and engagement tools.
  • We report back on our initial findings including match against the brief, competitor activity, market salary appraisal and recommendations.
  • Tools used – market insights, direct candidate feedback on salaries and availability. Comprehensive and proactive report on opportunities available in the market. 
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  • The market assessment assists in providing live market testing of your boardroom strategy and will assist with confirming or revising your requirements.
  • Based on the success of the initial stages, we organise interviews or return to the market with the revised brief.
  • We can provide and manage bespoke candidate assessment tools to ensure objective, best fit outcomes.
  • We manage the onboarding process and provide monthly feedback sessions over the first 3 months of employment to ensure successful integration of new employees.

More information

If  our CGC Plus service sounds better suited to your senior staff recruitment, contact or call 02 8252 4005 to find out more.